Happy thoughts for the weekend...

What are you up to this weekend?
It has been quite full on this week for me. We are now very busy with Xmas orders and I'm trying to keep on top of everything while planning our next office move at the end of January which, by the way, I'm super excited about!

January is by far my favourite month as it is usually then that I take a look at my life, what I have achieved, what needs to be done/improve and try to make things better (see fine-tuning resolutions here) and I see it as a very good omen to move into new office spaces at the beginning of the year, in a place I really wanted to work from a few years ago - but more of this later.

Have you had a chance to read all the other inspirational posts on Kelly Hoppen's blog

Reading the one from Holly Becker, who is behind Decor8 one of the most influential design blogs, I realised she had launched Decor8 same year and same month that I launched BODIE and FOU - how funny! It was a very inspiring article too.
I had the chance to meet Holly several times and even took her blogging course (which I recommend). She is one person who I rate highly. She has made a huge success of her blog Decor8 and her blogging courses. Then she launched her first book Decorate which became a best-seller translated in 12 languages (that's very very impressive!!)
and has now launched her second book Decorate Workshop which is bound to be come another best-seller. I can relate to her struggle and the challenges she had to face to go through and would love to have a conversation with her one day to see how she achieves balance in her personal life.

This motivational campaign with Kelly came at the right time for me. I was feeling quite disheartened recently. I don't always get the work/family balance right but I have someone at home who cares deeply and I need to keep trying to make it right for us while "aiming for the stars" and writing this motivational post for Kelly Hoppen kind of helped me to see how much I've achieved in the past 7 years. So I'm kind of starting my fine-tuning resolutions a bit earlier just to process everything and make 2013 better for my family, my team and myself.
So here are a few stars to brighten your weekend and some of them make gorgeous Christmas presents.

1. Image via here 2. Metal stars from Chez Les Voisins (I used them in my home in France, they are fab!) 
3. Star garland from here


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