Life with Mila....

7am: on skype to her papa who is in Hong Kong
Mila: "on Thursday, we have to dress up at school and I would like a rabbit costume with a little basket with chocolate eggs for my friends"
Papa (trying to pass on his kiwi wisdom to his child): "You know where I was little, we used to empty eggs and paint them"
Mila: "Yeah but you know now we have chocolate eggs" (as in... you know in 2011, chocolate eggs exist so we don't have to paint eggs)
Papa: "Yes I know but it would be a cool thing to do..."
Mila: "Err...but we have chocolate eggs now" (go away Daddy with your old-fashioned craft ideas, I'm going to Tesco...

PS: I love the girl's hair below, love her style, love her face and I love this new print!

Photo via A cup of Jo via The Daybook

7pm: diner table with Laure (our lovely French au-pair) and Mila

For some odd, inexplicable reasons, Mila loves bananas but hates touching them once they're peeled. Today's lesson with Laure was how to peel a banana right to the bottom without having to touch it
Mila: " fais ca et je fais voila"*
Me: "wow bebe, I'm so proud of you!...Well done Laure"
Mila: "Well done ME!"

*Look, I do this and this and there we go!


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