Uber cool loft in The Netherlands

Last week, we cycled to South Ken to pick up some French books for Mila and I grabbed a copy of Marie-Claire Maison....always a delight....

I love the industrial touches and the light in this loft a few kms away from Rotterdam which belongs to Marieke Wessels, an Artistic Director and Laszlo Balog, Furniture designer & Maker. They used scafolding tubes (Keeklamp) to create the structure of the stairs and then stretch sailing clothes for the partition which softens the industrial look. Opposite the stairs, Marieke painted a massive yellow flower on the wall which makes a really beautiful statement but you can achieve something as fabulous and less time-consuming to make using wall stickers from Domestic.
On the pine low chest of drawers, there is a cute house build by Laszlo, a Wired lamp by Something from Nothing and a ceramic vase by Hella Jongerius (you can get some of her vases from Ikea). The white light is from Chris Kabel

My favourites areas are the lounge where Marieke and her sister work from.... The large painted wooden table was made by their father and if anyone has instructions to build a similar one, I would love to hear from you! The suspension above the table is the famous Gardland from Tord Boontje which you can still find in Habitat in Europe and Artecnica in the US. Marieke's sister is sitting on the 'Black Magic' by Ineke Hans.
I love this kitchen which proves that creating beautiful, inspiring corners in your home does not have to cost the earth...The kitchen units are from Ikea and so are the lack shelves on the walls (we've used ours in the kids bedroom here)

Not a big fan of green on walls so I won't comment but I do like the blue feature wall in the second bedroom and the charming Pigeon Light by Ed Carpenter
(C) Photos credits: Marie-Claire Maison


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