Cultural differences....

Last night we had friends around for diner and with one running a strategic and advertising agency and the other a branding and design agency, we ended up discussing Twitter, Facebook and Blogs, all trying to convince Steve who is in finances of the T, F & B's purposes.

Steve who NEVER reads anything I write, happened to read my twits last night and mentioned that he didn't really like the word 'kid' I used when I was referring to Mila.
Basically since it's half-term and I'm short of baby-sitter, Mila was hanging out in the warehouse keeping herself busy, jumping on the massive bubble-wrap rolls we keep to wrap orders. She was hilarious to watch but then 2 minutes later, she fell between two rolls, cried a bit and the game was over.
So on Twitter, where one gets 140 characters to write something this became: 'half term...kid hanging out in the warehouse jumping on huge bubble-wrap rolls' then 'kid fell off the huge bubble-wrap rolls now harm done'
For Steve, the word kid was cold and remote and not a reflection of the true spirit of our little minx whereas for me it was cute and affectionate. In the end, after bickering in front of our friends (apologies to them), we let it go and put it down to New-Zealander/French cultural differences (we have a few of those :-) and for records I would like to send my apologies to Steve and to anyone else who has been offended by the word K.

Then we talked about why do I blog and now Twitter. It's pretty simple, I love it.
Running your own business is exciting, empowering and creative but it can also be time-consuming (and I'm running two), stressful and sometimes lonely (see article about the work/life balance here) and blogging makes me feel part of a community of like-minded people. I love reading about what inspire my fellow bloggers Holly, Danielle, Lily and Di for example or what make them laugh .

It also allows me to come across amazing photos taken by people from ailleurs or next door, or to fall in love with a beautiful bag designed by someone I've never met but I like already or to come across some touching, handmade jewellery that I can get made for Mila, my best friend who was going through a tough time or Steve's niece.

And why Twitter?
Well it's like a quick fix of communication. I don't like blogging for the sake of it. I blog when my heart is into it, when I genuinely like something and given that I spent the past 3 years my head in a laptop, this year my priorities are changing.
I blog less so I spend more time with Mila tequila, cook slightly more and try to be a better partner to Steve and Twitter is like a little friend that allows me to stay in touch with people I like or I want to hear about.
(C) Dujour magazine spreads via Decor8, Gorgeous bag by Clare Vivier, Photos by A view to


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