Loft Design by...

I'm super excited....I've just found that one of my favourite French fashion brands Loft design By is opening a shop on Westbourne Grove (no 186). Loft design By is my fashion fix each time I go to Paris and want to get something for Steve.
I love the simplicity of their clothes in hues of grey, brown, white and their shops are simply gorgeous.

Loft Design by is more than clothes, it’s a way of life, a look, an art of living. It kinds of mix fashion with photography, typography, creative design.... and I'm sure one trip to the store and you will be hooked.
It's just feel's simple, cool and I guess typically French. It's why I like it as much as way I like Comptoir des Cotonniers for women. The clothes don't scream look at me but they are
simply tailored, basic in a neutral palette of cream, white and grey and I like that.


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