Amazing review in Apartment therapy

We had a very nice write up by Maxwell from one of US interiors bibles Apartment Therapy (see below) but today I'm fighting some kind of flu so all I have energy for is sitting on the sofa and catching up on Brothers & Sisters and Gossip there will be more posts when I feel back on top of the world. Have a nice weekend wherever you are

'If you love European design and interiors like I do, then you'll like this find: a blog and an online store by the super cute sisters, Elodie & Karine Kong. Shooting apartments this week, I was tipped off to the sisters by my photographer, Jim Franco. He's got a great eye. Bodie and Fou is originally a business, an online store featuring "some of the most stylish, contemporary European designs for the home and some of the World's finest luxury gift ideas," but then Elodie and Karine added a blog which they call their "little black book". It's here that they share all the "places, photos, architects and designers that inspire us to be more creative and adventurous."
As with all blogs sprung from stores, there's the inevitable focus on products they're selling, but not too much. The sisters enthusiasm for connecting people to great resources comes through and you get the feeling that their store benefits from this spirit.
They don't post every day, but their stuff is totally fresh (even though a few pics are of Brooklyn!). I urge you to check them out (and urge them to post more ;-)).


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