Camilla Diedrich wallpapers

We've been working on this launch for a while now and today, we've finally added the amazing wallpapers from Camilla Diedrich on BODIE and FOU.

Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, Award-Winning Designer Camilla Diedrich may look like an anarchist but she thinks like an architect.

One of the first textile designers to start cutting holes in textiles and structuring them in terms of negative space, Diedrich’s early work related more to deconstruction architecture than it did to fabric design.
‘I’ve always liked surfaces…’
she says ‘….they are what we see first, what invites us closer and what draws us in.’

Diedrich’s talent for laser-cutting circular repeats and crescent shapes imbue her work with the transparency, texture and robustness more typical of a building facade than a fabric length. Her work transforms flat surface into richly textured 3-D forms that challenge conventional ideas of what textiles should be.

Camilla attended the University College of Arts Crafts & Design and has a Master in Fine Arts. She has received several Awards for her BPL lamp including Young Swedish Design 2000, Estrid Ericsson Foundation in 1997 & 1999, Light Idea of the Year 2000 by Swedish magazine Sköna Hem and The Arts Grants Committee Award in 2001, 2003 and 2006.

With the bold, light-drenched Nature Ray Charles wallpaper series, Diedrich’s goal was to inject an intrinsic luminance using a single colour….’searching for light without light’ .

This visually striking wallpaper brings nature home and is the result of Diedrich’s efforts in repeating patterns of vaguely organic forms, which are cast in vibrant hues and resemble some sort of luminous deep-sea invertebrate. The result is simply breathtaking.

The True Blue wallpaper (below) is inspired by Gentlemen's pinstriped suites, where the lines are like eruptive sunbeams instead of being very correctly still.

The girls in the office love the Nature ray Charles design but the one I really fell in love with is True Blue in blue (below).

I think it looks absolutely stunning. I love the lines and colours that remind me of the sea and I'm seriously considering using this in Mila's bedroom as a feature wall, although it wont happen quite yet because we are finally off to our house in France (featured in Grand Designs magazine here) on Thursday for a well-deserved two-weeks break.
If you love these wallpapers, have a look at the ones designed by Lisa Bengstonn which will get featured in Grand Designs soon.


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