Pieter Stockmans ceramics

How nice it is to be creative

with a simple material such as clay
I have done it my whole life
and still have new ideas
How wonderful to express myself
every day
with this white gold
as porcelain is called
in the same philosophy
of tactility and vulnerability
and my own harmony

Pieter Stockmans

I'm amazed by how beautiful these delicate ceramics by Pieter Stockmans and his daughter are. Stockmans set up his studio in1987 and specialised in handicraft products who are made in small series and also unique art works. His daughter joined him just over 10 years ago and together they have developped a stunning range of very thin, transparent products made of porcelain (featured above). Sadly they are probably too fragile for us to add them to BODIE and FOU but I love them


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