Sfgirlbybay's San Francisco flat

Last week, I stumbled upon this San-Francisco flat and I loved it. Firstly because it has a very relax, boho, unpretentious vibe about it and a fantastic light and secondly because it is based in SF....a city I really love for its relax, creative feel and its architecture. I went there a few years ago and I thought the city was a visual feast and if it wasn't for having taken pictures before digital age, I would have added some of the house shots I took then to prove my point.

The owner Victoria and also author of the fabulous sfgirlbybay blog has a great eye and a knack to mix mid-century modern furniture with vintage pieces. You can get similar plaster letters (like the ones below) over here in the UK from Shelf in Bricklane (East London) and other nice, vintage and stylish pieces for your home from my favourite shops in London (see The Independent interview).

The red Hatch Show print looks cool and I know a few friends, fans of Johhny Cash, who would be thrilled to get their hands on one!

The artwork above is from Annie Galvin. If you're after something a bit more unisex then the Life series by Rude are fab too.
I really like seeing houses from other countries because often their culture, architecture and even the weather lead them to a different interior style than the one we are used to in our own country and it's always inspiring to see how people personalize their home.

I'm sure like many of you, I'm an avid reader of decoration magazines, but I think after a while, especially if you subscribe to one, you get to see the same style over and over. Somehow they look different (and bless the magazine Editors to come up with some fantastic places to show us) but most of them are the same. I still love the Eames rocking chair in white or blue but seeing the barcelona daybed or Arne Jacobsen egg chair over and over is a bit disheartening. I don't deny that they are both fabulous designs but sometimes I think people just try to hard to get a 'designer' look and it just doesn't feel right in their home or with the rest of their belongings. For the love of design, I'm much prefer the Paulistano chair by Paulo Mendes da Rocha and I'm not saying this because it is on bodie and fou but because I genuinely think it's an amazing piece of design and anything we get for B&F are designs, accessories and furniture we fell in love with and that's what it comes down to.....
You should only buy things because you've fallen in love with them not just because they have a designer name to it.

It's nice and sunny here in London and I'm now going to have breakfast on our little roof terrace.


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