WOW! 5000 fans + a gift

WOW! So yesterday we reached 5000 fans on Facebook and I've got a stupid smile on my face.
I don't indulge in this often but I will take the time allocated to writing this post to appreciate how far we've come since the beginning ( let's skip the beginnings...they were not fun at all!).
I saw this image earlier this week on Pinterest that made me laugh. It says 'there is no point telling me what I should do or shouldn't do because I will always do what I want" which kind of resumes my way of thinking :-)
When I started B&F, I had a few friends who told me it would never work and they were not even saying this to be mean to me. They are still very good friends and have admitted since then that they were wrong but I guess at the time, we were not looking at B&F from the same lens...They were judging it from a business perspective whereas I was daydreaming of creating something different and very special, very personal...
I have so many plans and projects in my head, I hope this keeps moving into the right direction but in the meantime, I'm enjoying the journey. I have met so many nice, creative people thanks to B&F and later on today, case in point, I'm actually meeting the talented Paul Raeside in one of my favourite places in Notting Hill, then I will check out the Clerkenwell Design Festival
Have a great day and enjoy 15% OFF until Sunday as a thank you gift for being part of our little adventure!


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