More gorgeous Japanese books by PAUMES

Two news made me happy this evening....the first one was that the Royal Mail strikes are over and there will be no further disruption until now and Christmas (yippee!). The second one was getting some gorgeous photos from Rie at Editions Paumes for all the new books we will be adding to the site next week and I can't wait to look at the edition on Copenhagen apartments and the San Francisco kitchens for instance when we receive them in about 2 weeks.
All the books I have from Paumes never fail to give me a huge amount of pleasure and satisfaction each time I go through them and inevitably, I have this massive urge to do something creative and making our home looking as gorgeous and inspiring than all these family homes from London, Paris, Copenhagen and since we are moving in our new family home at the beginning of December, 2010 is going to be MY YEAR so I'm warning you...Next year, you may see a lot more DIY postings on this blog!

But don't you think that it's actually a bit tricky to work out the final look of your home?
I have always been a big fan of Jacqueline Morabito's style and each time I see a magazine featuring her work or her homes, I either keep it preciously or take photos of the pages to keep in my mood board folder. However I have also noticed that the explosion of blogs and having access to different interior styles from San Francisco, Copenhagen, Tokyo, Amsterdam from anyone be they professional designer or simply creative people have widely opened up my tastes (more than interior magazines) and now I feel like this hyperactive, excited child who wants white to feel calm and relax but at the same would like to style her home with stimulating, inspirational mood moard, hand-drawing illustrations, vintage treasures and colours.
It's tricky isn't it?!

I look at my friends' house in Bristol or Linda Loenen's family house in Amsterdam or Paul Massey's house and here and I dream of white, light and airy spaces but then Helena Christensen's boho home in NYC leaves me speechless and I still very much love this very cool family house. I started testing the water with Steve regarding painting all the floorboards of our new house in white but he is yet to be convinced.... He is not against it but he thinks that once we've painted them in white, there is no going back....Well technically there just get a sanding machine and start all over again but I see his point so we may try to whitewash the floorboards to start with. Anyway, its not like we are going to move in and start doing any work straight away....After exchanging, we will probably be broke and will be living on kumara (sweet potatoes from New-Zealand) for the next few months :-)

Back to Paumes....The new books we will be receiving are San Francisco Kitchens, Paris Miam-Miam, Ateliers de Paris, Appartements d'amoureux a Paris (lover nests in Paris), Apartements de filles a Paris, Souvenirs de Paris, Petits appartements a Paris, London Kitchens (featured the lovely Kathleen Hills on the front cover) and Copenhagen apartments and I will try - time permitting (things get really busy on this side and that side) - to take you through a few of them to give you a real feel of these wonderful Japanese books...


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