Chic & Stylish Maternity Wear from Isabella Oliver

Earlier this week, I emailed the wrap dress from Isabella Oliver to my blissfully pregnant friend Gabrielle, who will be attending a wedding in May...I used to wear mine with a big flower brooch, fishnets & LK Bennett shoes....
Then this morning...(around 5am), Di from Designer's Block, and I, ended up emailing each other because she got woken up by the birds in the country side while less romantically, I got kicked out of bed because I have a cold and was making too much noise for Steve....So we ended up emailing about Di's new Ghost furniture range, my houses in France and Isabella Oliver (which she had recently mentioned in her blog).
When I was pregnant, finding their website was a blessing because finally there was a range of maternity wear that allowed pregnant women to stay stylish. Now as a business owner, I really admire what Baukjen & Vanessa have achieved with the Isabella Oliver brand in such a short time and when it comes to business inspiration, they are my heroes. Their site gives you a lifestyle shopping experience which other sites rarely do and which we also aim to provide at BODIE and FOU


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