Weekend in whites

I can't tell how how glad I am it's Friday! I'm absolutely exhausted...
I'm still on jury service staying in touch with the office to finish our SS/12 catalogue (thanks God Sophie is doing a magnificent job liaising with our creative agency), re-ordering more stock of La Tropezienne bags as we only have 8 left out of the 40 bags we recently received, more wooden desks, more Ball chairs, more tutus, more of everything!!
More is good right! :-)
I'm behind schedule on the revamping of the site mais tant pis!
Elodie has arrived last night (very late!) to stay with us for a long weekend and I can't wait to spend the weekend with her.
While I was waiting for her last night, I spent some time on Pinterest and created a new board called Whites ...I know...not hugely original but it does what it says on the tin :-)
Here are my favourites for today...
1. My home 2. Sweet Paul 3. Rising Objects (I bought a similar pair in leather at Spitafields market a couple of weeks ago) 4 & 5. Bubbelsoda: Gorgeous tutu which reminds me of these 6. FK (if I stare at my headphones long enough it may motivate me to go for a run despite the rain) 7. Industrial lamp by House Doctor DK 8. Anouk B


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